Outdoor Area

Come and Explore Our Wonderful Gardens

Our outside area is a great asset to the nursery. We have a a really large secluded space which is ideal to promote our indoor/outdoor flow. We have a large playground area for balls, bikes, wet play and bouncing. Our undercover area allows us to play outside even in the rain.

Our custom made tree house takes pride of place in our garden. The tree house is easy to climb as we have easy stairs and a hand rail so even the little ones can enjoy the fun. There is a great playhouse for role play, telescopes for spotting pirates or birds, and a great slide for a quick exit! Underneath the playhouse there is a den area which is sometimes a camp for superheroes, or a kitchen for making mud pies! To top it off there is a rock-a-boat swing so that the children can jump on with their friends!

We have a huge sandpit in our undercover area, so we can dig, use the pulley ropes to move things about and generally have fun! Our nursery pet rabbit lives in the garden and we plant our own flowers and vegetables and watch them grow, and then eat them ourselves, or sometimes we feed them to the rabbit!

The little ones have their own outside area separated by a small colourful picket fence, with artificial grass that is easy and safe for the babies to crawl on, the toddlers to run on and the pre school room to use at times for dancing! The base room leads directly to the outside area, so it's easy to access for all the children. There are lots of outdoor activities for the under 2's including a slide, playhouse, cars, tunnels and tumble time equipment. The whole area is covered during the sunny months by a fixed sun shade to ensure they are protected from the sun. 

Our nature garden is the latest addition to the nursery. We have created this space so that children's experiences of the outdoor environment can be enriched. Our nature garden can been seen as you enter the nursery through a panel in the fence so you can spy on the space and see how the flowers and plants are growing. There is a herb garden, a bug hotel which the children have helped to make, vegetable planters, a bamboo tee pee which the children made as well as plenty of logs and toad stalls to sit on. The children learn about growing vegetables and flowers and even get to post the food scraps down the chimney of our specially built compost house, where they can see the bugs hard at work through the windows of the house and watch the food scraps turn to compost!
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